We would like to introduce ourselves. We are Otis Drayden and Leslie Tatum the owners of Ft Worth Audio. We would like for you to feel comfortable about our technical abilities so first a little back ground.

Otis Drayden and I had been working at Marvin Electronics as their service department technicians. Otis worked for them 16 years and Les for 34 years.
Together we performed all of the repairs in and out of warranty for them as they were a dealer for McIntosh Labs and many other manufactures. Otis and I put together Ft. Worth Audio as an independent repair facility specializing in Hi End audio repair. 

We are career technicians that have been intensely involved in the repair of Hi End audio for 50 years combined. Over the years we have performed work on McIntosh, Mark Levenson, Anthem, Rotel, Adcom, NAD, Yamaha and a host of others, some that are listed below. We also have experience in Hi End turntables, tone arms, cartridges both repairing and geometry. We would appreciate your consideration and trust in allowing us to be your service center. We bring a wealth of knowledge and experience that you have come to expect and quality you can trust.