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Be sure to insure the package.
When considering whether to ship your unit to us for repair consider first if you still have the original shipping carton. That is the best way to protect your investment against shipping damage. If it is impossible to find or get a new carton then you should find a thick corrugated box that is larger than your product. Use at least 1 inch bubble wrap to wrap the product in several times. Place a folded sheet of bubble wrap in the bottom of the box. Place the wrapped product on top of the bottom sheet. Place folded sheets around the product front, left, right, rear and top. If needed fill in spaces with the "pop corn" packing material. At this point make sure to include a note that describes trouble, has name address and phone number with email address. Make sure that after the flaps are closed on the box that there is no space top to bottom for the product to move. There also should be no spaces left and right, front and back. Take the box to your preferred shipping service.
Be sure to insure the package.

Ship to:
Ft Worth Audio
4224 West Vickery Blvd.
Ft Worth, Texas 76107